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Small and Micro Bag Trend – The Fashion Sensation!

Small and Micro Bag Trend – The Fashion Sensation!


Micro Bags – love them or hate them, the micro bag trend is here to stay! 2019 has been THE year for micro (also called macro or mini) bags – they’re the fashion sensation that everyone’s after.

They’re so popular that when I featured a little sneak preview on Instagram, you all went crazy for this little beauty!

Despite their size, micro bags are anything but basic and whilst I do agree that you can’t fit much in them – it does depend on the style of bag itself.

For example, the micro bag that I’m featuring in this post just about fits my iPhone – an iPhone 7 plus so, if you shop around, you can come across a micro or macro bag that works for you.

HOW TO STYLE A MICRO BAG – The Micro Bag Trend


You’ve gone shopping and you’ve found your perfect micro bag but – how do you style it?

If you’re one to keep things simple with your outfit, there’s one thing that I always recommend. Look at my micro bag, it’s purple so add purple accessories to your outfit.

Think of accessories such as sunglasses, jewellery or shoes – this is one of the easiest ways to bring an outfit together, ensuring you always look stylish with very little effort.

SMALL IS THE NEW BIG – The Micro Bag Trend


A lot of people have a love / hate relationship when it comes to small micro handbags and there’s a good reason – you can’t fit much in them.

This is a great way to cut down on things you don’t need. I’m not saying to use a handbag like this on a daily basis but it’s a wonderful option when going for lunch with friends or an evening out.

It’s something different, instead of using the traditional clutch bag, and if my Instagram feature was anything to go by – you’ll be getting compliments and questions all day long! 🙂

Look for micro bags (or mini tote bags) which have additional accessories. Mine has a keyring in a ribbon design which just adds that lovely touch.


I always try and recommend handbags that are faux leather – mine included but take a look at the links below.

Mini Tote Bag (This is my bag but in black – it’s reduced too!)

Faux Leather Pocket Bag (Berska)

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Layla’s Style Diary – The Micro Bag Trend


You all know that I absolutely love reading your comments so let me know what you think of this trend.

Do you love small, micro, macro and tote handbags as much as me? Have you got any handbags like this and if so – which colours do you have?

Remember to keep up with all my latest outfit posts by clicking Layla’s Style Diary – there’s plenty of posts coming soon!

Layla x x

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