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Simple Nail Stickers

Simple Nail Stickers

As a lot of you know I LOVE my nail polishes and nail stickers but weirdly I’ve never actually talked about nail stickers on here…..why – I have NO idea!
I feel that although I always change my nail colours there are days when I get a little bored so nail stickers are a fun way to keep nails looking pretty.
I’m not talking tacky stickers…just the really small pretty ones like the one picture above!
Stickers are available everywhere but as I change my polish every other day ( I know…I like change) I buy cheap stickers which have actually worked better for me as they stick to the nail polish and won’t come off until you remove it with nail polish remover….score! 🙂
How do you apply nail stickers?
It’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed!
Apply your nail polish and let it dry.
Take your sticker with a tweezer or by hand and stick it to your nail – that’s it!
What colour are you wearing in the picture?
I’m wearing Essie – Tart Deco!
So – let me know…do you love nail stickers??
Which ones do you use?
Let me know!
Layla xx
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