Nails Inc. Rascal/Hell Nail and Lip Paint (Lottie Tomlinson Matchbox)

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A limited edition item from Nails Inc. Collaboration with Lottie Tomlinson – match your nails and lips!

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Nails Inc Rascal / Hell Nail and Lip Paint (Lottie Tomlinson Matchbox)

It’s time to match your lips and tips with the Rascal / Hell Nail and Lip Paint from Nails Inc.

The limited edition Matchbox Collection is here, created in collaboration with makeup artist, Lottie Tomlinson to give you lovely nails and looks.

The set contains two items – a lip paint and nail polish in a classic red gel-effect nail polish along with a complimentary lip paint which is a statement colour!

Lottie Tomlinson Nails Inc – Gel Effect Nail Polish – 14ml

Get a professional looking manicure at home with the gel effect nail polish! A beautiful bold red colour, the varnish glides over the nails effortlessly to create an at home gel-like manicure.

Lottie Tomlinson Nails Inc – Matte Effect Lip Paint – 4g

Stand out and make a statement with this matte effect lip paint. Long lasting, long-wearing!


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