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Pamper Your Skin With SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil

Pamper Your Skin With SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil



Pamper Your Skin With SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil – Hello to all you gorgeous readers!! I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful weekend so far, hasn’t the weather been absolutely gorgeous!?

It’s Sunday and for me – it’s a pamper day!

Just because the weather has been warm doesn’t mean we still can’t soak in lovely bubbles in the evening, plus when you have super-nourishing body products – how can you resist!?

SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil – Packaging

As you can see, the packaging is absolutely lovely! It’s got a ‘spa‘ vibe to it with it’s delicate colouring and design making it a perfect addition to your bathroom cupboard pamper products!

Inside the packaging you’ve got the lovely – yet simple bottle. Still with the same design just different colouring and you can also see the product too which is something I quite like 🙂

SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil – Ingredients & Formula

SenSpa is a brand that’s known for it’s use of soothing / hydrating ingredients and formulations which work to benefit your skin.

This bath and body oil has the perfect blend of ingredients to hydrate, soothe and calm – Lavender, Starflower, Jasmine Extract, Bergamot, Patchouli and Geranium all working together in perfect balance.

SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil – How To Use

So on the official SenSpa website it says to use it after bathing however I’ve listed a couple of ways below…

  • Add a few drops to running bathwater.
    (Along with your bubble bath or bath salts – add a few drops to running bathwater for extra nourishment.)

  • Apply after bathing to moist skin. 
    (After your bath, gently pat dry skin and apply the bath oil lightly – let it absorb)

  • Apply in morning. 
    (In the mornings apply a very light layer of oil to your arms, legs and body – this will soothe and nourish your skin during the day)

OK so instead of just using it on moist skin after your bath – I’d recommend adding a few drops to your bathwater along with your normal bubble bath and bath salts – it’s a pamper session after all! 🙂

SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil – After Use

Not only does this leave your skin feeling super-soft and smooth, I also found that it helped to calm my mind too, thanks to one of my favourite ingredients, lavender!

After just one use, my skin felt a lot softer and nourished plus you can pick up a very delicate scent during the day which is lovely.

SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil – Purchase

If you’re like me – you love your pamper days, you love your bubble baths then you’ll need to add this to the beauty cupboard!

Your skin (and mind) will thank you for it as the blend of ingredients really works together perfectly! You’ll feel calmer and your skin will feel super-soft and smooth!

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Priced at just £9.95 – it’ll last about 2-3 months if used once a week which is a bargain for how lovely skin feels after use!

Visit the official SenSpa Website!

Shop SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil 


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You all know that I love reading your comments and even though it might take me a little while to reply – I do! Eventually! 🙂

I’d love to know what you think of this SenSpa Oil – is it something you’ll be adding to your collection!?


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