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SenSpa Detox Body Scrub – Say hello to soft skin!

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub – Say hello to soft skin!



SenSpa Detox Body Scrub Review – Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful week so far!

Today, I’m writing about this lovely product. It’s the SenSpa Detox Body Scrub and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’m using this product at the moment!

With that, let’s get going with the review….. 🙂

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub Review – Packaging

As you can see, this is sleek, pretty and I just love the simplicity of the design and colours used. They’re relaxing and it is a perfect at-home spa product.

I like the fact it’s a squeeze bottle – making it a lot more hygienic and easier to use BUT when you’re in the shower the cap can be a little difficult to open so I normally just open it before-hand and close the bottle after my shower.

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub Review – Ingredients

One of the main things which I love about SenSpa is the ingredients that they use in their products.

The SenSpa Detox Body Scrub contains the following:

  • Organic Seaweed
  • Sweet Orange 
  • Lime 
  • Rosemary

All these ingredients work together, complimenting each other to hydrate, refresh, revitalise, tone and smooth skin!

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub Review – How To Use

You can use this as a replacement for your shower/body gel but I tend to use this after using my favourite shower gel.

Once I’ve applied conditioner to my hair, I’ll let it work it’s magic so then I’ll apply my shower gel to cleanse followed by the SenSpa Detox Body Scrub – targeting my arms, legs and shoulders.

Massage onto your skin and you’ll instantly feel revitalised, fresh and your skin feels super-soft too!

Rinse – that’s all you need to do!

Some of you might be sat there wondering why I apply the SenSpa Detox Body Scrub when I’ve applied conditioner to my hair – this is because I leave the conditioner on for about 10-15 minutes which just gives my hair extra nourishment.

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub Review – Overall

I really like this product and am actually surprised at how much I’ve been using it lately.

Perfect for summer as this allows you to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth without a lot of effort and let’s face it, in the summer you want to be outside and enjoying yourself!

If you love your body scrubs, then I’d recommend adding this to your collection as it hydrates, nourishes and softens your skin in minutes!

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If you’re not a fan of body scrubs – I’d recommend this again, it’s so easy to use and no-fuss which is wonderful! 🙂

If you’re worry about this being harsh on your skin, don’t be! The beads are tiny and gently exfoliate/buff your skin. 

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub Review – Purchase

At ÂŁ6.95 you can’t go wrong!! It’s a great product and really does leave your skin feeling wonderful soft and nourished! 🙂

SenSpa Detox Body Scrub 

senspa-detox-body-scrub DSC_6019 senspa-detox-body-scrub-review DSC_6023

Let me know what you all think!

Are you a fan of SenSpa and their products? Do you use body exfoliators and scrubs more this time of year?


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