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Rimmel nail polish review….Blue My Mind!!!

Rimmel nail polish review….Blue My Mind!!!

Hello everyone and to the lovely new followers! I hope you’re all well and having a lovely week!!
This next review is going to be another nail polish from Rimmel, I loved the colour and have to write about it but I will say it looks soooo different in the picture to real…in real the colour is actually a dark blue/purple but on the photo it looks electric blue!!! To be honest I prefer the photo colour hahaha! (It’s gorgeous both ways)
Gorgeous colour and it dries in 60 seconds!!!

It’s Rimmel’s 60 second range (dries in 60 seconds) and it’s called Blue my mind #810.
I didn’t really believe that nail polish could dry within 60 seconds and not smudge or anything afterwards but with one coat it actually did!! I was like wow, this is pretty cool….come to the second coat though and it didn’t dry as fast….faster than other nail polishes but not 60 seconds!
I was still happy with this product though as it did dry quicker than other nail polishes and the wand gives you control over how much you want to apply which I like.

So once I had my nails to the standard that I liked (I’m weird, my nails have to be perfect) I started to admire them, walked downstairs to the living room and showed my lovely mama!
She liked the colour – which is normal, she likes the majority of colours I wear and always laughs at how often I change my nail colours!
So a couple of days passed ad my nails had just started to chip but nothing too noticeable and the shine had stayed the same, thats one thing I’ve noticed about Rimmel nail polishes…the shine stays as if it’s just been painted on and I like that because it brings the whole look together and gives your nails a professional look to them like you’ve just come out the salon!! haha a bonus for us girlies who do our nails at home! 🙂
 Everytime it comes to writing about the packaging of a nail bottle it’s always the same!!! A clear glass bottle, white writing. The Rimmel logo along the top and the 60 seconds logo clearly in the middle. Along the bottom the colour number and what it’s called.
It’s a smaller bottle than the others which is quite cute! 
I’m going to mark this 8/10 because the first coat dries within 60 seconds but the second and third not as quick. The colour is gorgeous even though on photos it may look brighter and more vibrant than real but either way it looks amazing!
For a different effect you can get a silver shatter nail polish and it’ll give your nails a real twist and silver would definitely compliment this colour!
You can buy this from Boots for £3.69…as I always say you really can’t go wrong with nail polish at this price  because you can buy 2 or 3 colours and do different designs or have an odd coloured nail rather than spend £12.99 on one colour.

Make sure you also check out Rimmel’s website for more colours and products at:

And you can also find and ‘like’ them on facebook at:
Hope you enjoyed the review, let me know what YOU think, what colour’s you like and don’t like….I love hearing from you and reading your comments and I do reply to everyone when I read them! 🙂
Layla xxx
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