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Recipe: Vegan Sweetcorn and Olive Fritters

Recipe: Vegan Sweetcorn and Olive Fritters


Vegan Sweetcorn and Olive Fritters - The Easy Recipe You Need

Written By: Layla

Looking for a quick vegan snack? Look no further as I have one of the easiest recipes for you - with only a few key ingredients, you'll be making these time and time again... 🙂

Vegan Sweetcorn and Olive Fritters

A few days ago, whilst I was on my computer and going through my emails, I suddenly wanted to snack on something. Looking through the kitchen cupboards, I spotted some flour and fritters popped into my mind - but, vegan!

Quickly making a batch, I didn't expect them to taste as good so I took some pictures and thought to share the recipe with you all.

As you can see in the picture - I also made caramelised onions (with no sugar) and sliced half an avocado, so yummy!


Ingredients / What You Need

1 Cup Flour *

Half Cup Water *

Half Cup Sweetcorn (Frozen or Fresh)

Sliced Olives (Optional)

Baking Powder

Salt & Pepper

Paprika (Optional)

*This is approximate - more can be added to create a thick(ish) batter.

How To Make / Method

Add the flour, baking powder, salt & pepper and paprika to a large bowl - adding the water and mixing until you get a creamy/thick batter.

See Also

Add the sweetcorn and sliced olives to the batter - mixing well until combined.

Place a pan on medium-high heat and use a good quality oil. I use a high-quality olive oil but this is down to personal preference, other oils can be used.

Place spoonfuls of the mixture around the pan. I made them small-medium sized.

Serve and eat!


Over the next few weeks - I'll try and film a few vegan recipes for you including quick snacks like this, desserts and much more! If there's something specific you'd like to see, feel free to comment in the section below. 🙂

You can also check out my Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe and I hope you can all subscribe to my Youtube Channel, which will be updated, featuring my weekly vlogs too!

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