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The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur

The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur


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The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur 

On Sprinkles of Style, we love finding (and sharing) unique places to go for a coffee and in this post, we're sharing the quirkiest cafe around! 

The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur

You all know that I love my coffee & hot chocolate - especially with the colder weather and I'm always on the lookout for lovely cafe's - no matter where I am. 

A couple of weeks ago, whilst I was in Greece, I went shopping at McArthur Glen and spotted a lovely cafe called Petite Fleur.

I've been to this shopping park before but never noticed the cafe. 


The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur 

The weather was cold and the fire-heaters were all turned on outside so I decided to sit in a little corner and check out the cafe. 

Outside, the cafe looked really chic and elegant however inside, it's extremely quirky with colourful chairs (think Monica's apartment in Friends) with dimmed lighting making the cafe really nice and cosy - there's also a Piano inside too!

You can just see the tiled flooring and red chairs in the background. 

The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur 

When I go to a cafe I normally order a Cappuccino (with Almond Milk if it's available) a Hot Chocolate or a loose-leaf tea and on this occasion due to the cold weather - I went for a lovely Hot Chocolate. 

This Hot Chocolate which I chose was flavoured with caramelised almonds and hazelnuts - sounds so good, doesn't it?! 

I thought that it would taste like Nutella however it actually tasted like Amaretto was added due to the caramelised Almonds - lovely and just what I needed!

The Hot Chocolate took longer to arrive (it was also mentioned in the menu) as the process of making the Hot Chocolate is different at Petite Fleur. 


When available, I choose Soya Milk with Vanilla, Almond Milk or Oat Milk.

 This is what I use at home too and yes - you can make a lovely Coffee or Hot Chocolate with foam/froth using the non-dairy 'milk' mentioned - I have recipes coming soon! 🙂

If there's a specific recipe or drink which you would like to see - please comment or email me!  


The Quirky Cafe: Petite Fleur 

So, as I've mentioned above, Petite Fleur is a super-quirky cafe and perfect for anyone who loves a change!

Elegant on the outside with lovely seating areas and fire-heaters contrasting with the colourful interior, multi-coloured seats and old-style tiled flooring. 

I really liked the tables at this cafe - beautiful white marble allowing you to take lovely photos and perfect coffee flatlays for Instagram

(I didn't take a flatlay, when I left - that's when I thought of it. Good one Layla.)

See Also

After looking online, all of Petite Fleur Cafe's are unique and decorated differently.

The only things which is the same (but not) is the multi-coloured seating. 

Below, you'll be able to see some more pictures from Petite Fleur - enjoy! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 15.29.39

You all know by now that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think of this cafe!

Is it somewhere that you'd like to visit?

What's your go-to hot drink? Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Tea?

Let me know and don't forget - if there's a specific recipe/drink which you'd like to see on here, make sure you comment below or send an email! 🙂


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