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Prop Ideas for Blog Photography

Prop Ideas for Blog Photography



Prop Ideas for Blog Photography – Do you sometimes browse through different blogs and see props/items you wouldn’t have thought to use for your blog photography?

Well, I used to and in this post I’m going to be sharing some simple prop ideas for blog photography that you’re going to love and use! 🙂

Prop Ideas For Blog Photography – Flowers

This is an obvious one, I mean who doesn’t love seeing flowers in blog photos – if it’s not on a blog, then it’ll be on instagram!

Either way you NEED to give flowers a go, they’ll add such a pretty touch and a very elegant feel to your photos – once you use them you’ll want to use a variety of different colours and types which is great! 🙂

Prop Ideas For Blog Photography – Smoothies

Not only do they taste yummy but have you ever thought about using a smoothie in your blog photography?

No? Look at the picture above – you can see that it really adds a cute, colourful touch to the photo whilst complimenting the colour of the flower too – just have your smoothie in your favourite mug and colour co-ordinate that too or have it in a clear glass with a pastel coloured straw.

It’s little things like this which will attract your readers and this is what you want, you want to capture your readers’ attention and give them something that they will love!

It’s not only what you write about but how things look too!

Prop Ideas for Blog Photography – Magazines

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to completely ignore the stack of magazines that I would ‘collect’ but they actually serve as wonderful props and backgrounds for your blog photography!

You’ll have noticed that fashion and beauty bloggers use magazines A LOT – just browse through Bloglovin and you’ll see what I mean!

There’s a reason for this! Whether it’s to add a ‘fashionista’ vibe to your fashion flat lay or whether you want to show off a new lipstick – you really can’t go wrong with using a magazine!

The glossy pages will compliment your photos making items stand out plus this gives your photos an edge and your readers will thank you for the variety!

Prop Ideas For Blog Photography – Marble

Ahhh, where would we be without marble! This is SUCH a hit and as you might have noticed – I’m loving this (a little too much) and using it in most of my beauty post photos!

It’s one of the most simple backgrounds but I personally think it’s the most beautiful due to it’s simplicity. It gives photos such an elegant, classy feel and if I want to add some colour – a little flower will make an appearance 😉

This is a trend that will be going nowhere anytime soon…..

See Also

Here are some of my favourite places to shop for props – all affordable!

Wilkinsons (Home / Decorative)

Next (Home/ Decorative)

House of Fraser (Home / Decorative)

H&M (Home / Decorative)

BHS (Home / Decorative)

 I would love to know what you all think – let me know what you tend to use for your blog photography! 🙂


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