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Organise Your Blog Week (Today)

Organise Your Blog Week (Today)



Organise Your Blog Week (Today) – It’s Sunday and for most of us this means snuggle days on the couch, watching tv or a movie while it rains outside – it is England after all!

Apart from snuggling up under the covers, eating cookies or watching TV, I also find Sunday is a great day for planning your ‘blog week’ and getting things into schedule so below you’ll find some of my tips about how to organise your blog week – easily!

Organise Your Blog Week – Diary

I’m old-school at heart and still like writing in my diary – it’s classic and something that I always go back to no matter how many gadgets and high-tech things are out there!

By writing in a diary, I seem to remember more things too – jot down a brief schedule of events you need to attend, emails you need to reply to, things you need to do and blog posts you need to write!

I like these diaries below!

Filofax Diaries
I like the A6 diaries

Kate Spade Organiser

Organise Your Blog Week – Calendar

If you have a big office I’d recommend having a big calendar on one wall – this will help you keep up to date with your schedule and you can use sticky notes for certain dates and jot down little reminders too.

Place this on a wall that you’ll see first when you enter the room – don’t hide it behind a door!

Big Wall Calendar

Pretty Wall Calendar

Organise Your Blog Week – Schedule

This is something that I WILL be doing in the coming weeks – it’s scheduling my posts!

With things getting a lot busier and with party season on the way, it means that I’ll be attending many more events which cuts down my writing time!

By scheduling my posts it means that I’ll still be posting daily, keeping up with all my blog reviews and of course staying on track with everything! 🙂

Perfect if you’re a full-time blogger like myself!

Organise Your Blog Week – Browse blogs for Inspiration

On a sunday you can easily take a couple of hours to just browse through Bloglovin and catch up with everything that’s been going on!

It’s also a great way to think about some ideas and find inspiration for your own posts too – especially if you have ‘Bloggers Block’ and can’t think of what to write!

See Also

So, there we have some of my tips and tricks about how to organise your blog week – see, Sunday’s can be useful and if you’re a full-time blogger, you need days like this!

Relax and catch-up with everything – the key is to remain consistent with your writing, your readers are the most valuable thing to your blog so it’s good to stick to a schedule!

I’d love to know what you all think about this post!!

Let me know!


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