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Motivation Monday: Be Kind

Motivation Monday: Be Kind



Motivation Monday: Be Kind – “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti!

This is a little bit different to my ‘normal’ motivation monday posts but sometimes I just want to sit at my desk and write about my thoughts….

I feel like 20 years ago, things were a lot better (that makes me sound old) – there was a lot more trust in the world and people were actually kind.

Nowadays, I come across people who are ‘kind’ to your face however more often than not, it’s to gain something from you…..

Pure kindness and helping one another seems to be becoming quite rare and this makes me really sad – not for me, but for the future generations.

Just because someone appears happy and smiling doesn’t mean that they actually are happy, for all you and I know, that person smiling behind the till counter could be crying inside and feeling worthless so I find it’s only natural to be kind to people.

We’re all here in life for a reason and we all go through ‘tests’ which will teach us things, make us stronger and bring us closer to people who matter the most.

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So instead of just being ‘kind’ for the sake of it, take a step back and think about actually being kind – smile at someone, help one another… doesn’t hurt to actually be nice and you never know how it could make someone feel. It could make their week, month or even year!

An act of genuine kindness goes a long way! 🙂


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