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Monday Morning

Monday Morning



Monday Morning 

Good Morning everyone! How are you? I hope you’re all well and ready for the new week ahead – there’s currently so much sadness around that I would like to take this opportunity and share some positivity to hopefully make your day better.

Monday Morning – Don’t Stress

The start of a new week normally comes with a lot of stress, after the relaxing weekend – it’s back to the normal (and more often than not, dull) routine.

The best way to deal with pressure is to make sure you leave enough time for yourself in the morning, especially Monday Morning.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and enjoy that cup of coffee watching tv or simply watching the sunrise – it’s little moments that make the difference.

Use that 15 minutes to catch up with emails which might have gathered over the weekend – the more you do, the better you feel and the less stress you’ll feel too.

Monday Morning – Make More Time For Yourself 

If you can, take an hour or two out of work once in a while. This will feel like a little ‘treat’ and if you do this on Monday Morning, it’ll boost your mood and allow you to feel better and ready to face the rest of the week.

Meet friends or family for a coffee and yes – treat yourself to that piece of cake too! 🙂

Remember, life is too short to stress – always make sure you make time for yourself, don’t let yourself get worked up.

Once you feel worked up, you end up feeling down and this affects your positive energy which is what you need to face – well, everything!

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If you think positive, you’ll attract positive – if you think negative, you’ll attract negative energy into your life and this, you don’t want!

I know that it’s all easier said than done!

There’s so much sadness around the world at the moment but we have to face everyday with positive thoughts and energy. Help one another, make time for your friends and family – enjoy yourself!

Have a lovely day everyone! 🙂


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