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Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner

Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner



Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner 

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well after a lovely, relaxing weekend – for me it was all about Formula 1.

However, I’m now getting back into my blogging routine and this morning I’m writing about some of the latest launched from Models Own! You might have seen an overview in this post and the eyeshadow palette featured in this post and so far – you’re loving the products like me! 🙂

(You can also check out this Makeup Tutorial Here)

Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner – Packaging 

As you can see the packaging is lovely! Eye-catching, bright and colourful making it a statement product that will definitely catch your eye online and in-store too plus, it looks lovely in your makeup bag and grabs your attention, meaning you’ll use it more! 🙂

Inside, both products are a little bit different – one is a pencil eyeliner and the other is described as an eyeliner however they both do pretty much the same thing!

Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner – Kajal Kohl Eyeliner 

This is the black ‘eyeliner’ and as you can see, it looks rather weird. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to use it and see how it would work.

I used it on my lower and upper lash line to see how pigmented it is, how it blends and of course, how it applies and it really is lovely.

You really need to use a light-hand when applying this – it’s SO, so pigmented meaning a little goes a very long way and that’s coming from someone who loves black eyeliner.

What I like the most about this is how lovely the colour is, even though it’s black – it’s a true black which works beautifully for a defined eye or in a smokey eye.

How I used it – 2 different ways. 

Day Look – Once I’ve applied my brightening eye-shadow, I then take the black kohl eyeliner and line my upper and lower lash line delicately. Then using an eyeliner makeup brush, I go over the upper lash line and blend for a subtle smokier look, blending the outer corners. Blend the lower lash line ever so slightly and apply 2 coats of mascara.

Evening Look – Apply a brightening colour to the inner corner of the eyes and arch of the brow. In the centre apply a gold/cream shimmer shade which will widen the eyes. In the outer corner apply a deep brown shade and blend into the crease and lower lash line. Using the black kohl eyeliner, line the upper and lower lash line. Using an eyeliner makeup brush, blend the colour into the lash line and smudge the outer corners for a beautiful smokey eye. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara and re-apply liner if needed.

Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner – Kohl Pencil

This is another product that I absolutely love – it’s a gorgeous bright purple pencil which is going to be your must-have this year!

Allowing you to create beautiful eye-makeup looks instantly! 🙂

What I love about this kohl pencil is how beautifully it applies and blends, it’s so creamy and doesn’t drag your eyes or feel harsh plus it’s suitable for those who wear contacts (like me) so it’s a delicate kohl eye pencil.

I liked using this with the eyeliner – use the purple on your upper lash line and black kohl eyeliner on your lower lash line, this adds a touch of colour to your makeup without it being over the top! 🙂

Models Own i-definer Kajal Pencil and Eyeliner – Lasting Power & Textures

Both these eyeliners / pencils are lovely – not only are they highly pigmented, meaning you only need to use a little amount for the desired look but the texture of both of them is absolutely lovely too.

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They’re delicate on the skin, they’re not at all harsh and they’re suitable for those who wear contacts so your eyes won’t become all red or irritated.

Once applied in the morning, these looked just as good in the evening so I’m very, very impressed with Models Own for their new products and think everyone needs to have at least one product from their makeup collection.

You won’t be disappointed!

Models Own Makeup Range – Purchase

Below I’ve linked everything for you – all you need is one click and you’ll be taken to the direct product pages! 🙂

models-own-i-definer-kajal-pencil-and-eyeliner DSC_6354 DSC_6362

Hope you all like these two products from Models Own – I’d love to know what you think! Have you tried anything from their new makeup range?

If so, let me know what you tried and if you love it as much as I love their new products….


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