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Maybelline The Eraser and The Smoother Review

Maybelline The Eraser and The Smoother Review

Hey guys, I know I’ve dissappeared for a few days (maybe a week) so I just want to say I’m sorry, I’ve just been reaaaaaally busy with different projects and on top of that I had a cold 🙁
Anyway back to the point, last week I went looking for new beauty buys and I was in ‘Boots’ and went to test Maybelline’s Smoother Skin Primer.
I grabbed my friends hand and put it on her (she had no choice) instantly her skin looked so smooth and healthy it was unbelieveable the difference from one hand to another……..feeling slightly left out I tugged at my sleeve and put it on my hand too and again my skin looked gorgeous, neither of us could believe how this clear gel left our hands looking smooth!?
My friend (Kat) knows what I’m like when it comes to buying make-up, quite quickly dragged me out of the shop………the next day without her knowledge I went and bought 3 of the primers haha 🙂
It is an amazing primer, even my mum loves it, it leaves her skin healthy looking and any make-up she put over it looks smoother and more polished, even if you don’t wear make-up this will still make your skin look good.
Today I didn’t wear any make-up whatsoever and put a little bit of this on and I can honestly say it’s the first primer that doesn’t make my skin oily, makes my skin look good with no make-up and any make-up I do wear looks amazing and stays on all day!
You can NOT go wrong with this for £9.99 and whats even better is it’s 3 for 2 at Boots and Superdrug!!!
Let me know what you think, comment if you like it, have tried it or will try it!
Layla xxx
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