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Making Changes: New Ways To Relax At Home

Making Changes: New Ways To Relax At Home


New Ways To Relax At Home

Autumn is here and with winter on the way, here are a few tips on making changes to your home allowing you relax and admire the cosy comforts of home...



We all want to make our home as relaxing as possible however with daily stresses, work and trying to juggle everything, sometimes it can be hard to create the environment you want.

Regardless, we have some tips and tricks to make your living space as relaxing as possible and below you can see some of the options and ideas to transform your home.

Tidy Up

There's nothing better than seeing your home all organised, clean and de-cluttered and the importance of having a clean and today home cannot be underestimated - especially for those who work from home too.

The benefits of a clean home means you'll feel motivated, positive and happy which will result in you feeling more creative too.

Check out these storage trunks from Not on The High Street which will allow you to organise and arrange every room.


Create A Haven For Relaxation

This is literally a haven for so many people - the bathroom.

When it's cold and dark outside, there is nothing better than filling the bath, lighting a few candles and soaking in a pampering bubble bath - complete with bath salts and soothing products.

If you've started thinking about rooms to re-decorate at home, think about getting a corner bath tub like the one featured in the image, they're not too big as they snuggly fit in the corner but they do give you much more room to soak and relax after a long day.

Take a look at these Soakology Corner Baths for stylish designs - thank us when you're relaxing.


Create a Cozy Corner

No one talks about cozy corners anymore but they remind us of being young again. Remember creating dens in the corner of rooms?

You don't need to have a lot of space to create a cozy corner - all you need to do is move a cosy armchair to the corner, complete with a side table and decorative lamp followed by a couple of cushions and throws - perfect for the winter!

This is where you can escape to for reading a new book or doing your online shopping.

You'll love cosy corner and this will allow you to change the style of your home too.



Even though it's Autumn and with winter on the way, that doesn't mean that you should forget about the garden space - no matter how small it is, you can create a lovely space to enjoy all-year-round.

If you don't fancy having to deal with grass, there are options such as faux grass (which looks real) or decking space teamed up with a bench, small table and chairs and a couple of plants to add some colour and vibrance.

It's amazing how sitting quietly and contemplating the world can allow you to come up with new ideas or even - clear the negative thoughts in your head.... remember - positive attracts positive and negative attacks negative so it's good to make time for yourself and clear out any negativity.

See Also


Breakfast Bars

We love, love, love breakfast bars!

Not only are they great for adding decorative vases and pieces on display but they're great if you haven't got much space for a big dining table.

This way, you'll start feeling motivated to cook and create yummy meals plus you'll indulge in your healthy eating practices too.

Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and spend some time to yourself.

Families? No problem - breakfast bars are a great way for the whole family to come together in the morning and evening for meals too plus in an open-plan space, you'll still be able to bake or cook with your family nearby.

We love hearing from you so let us know what you think - are you making any changes to your home and how do you find ways to relax?

The Sprinkles of Style Team.


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