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Luxury Pieces Every Home Needs

Luxury Pieces Every Home Needs

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Luxury Pieces Every Home Needs 

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a new post and this time - sharing some essentials pieces which every home needs for that super-luxe feel that everyone loves! 🙂


We all know that luxury can be expensive however if you have a luxurious home, this will inevitably help you in every way possible. You'll enjoy your home much more due to the lovely atmosphere which is created, you'll relax, you'll become more productive, you'll sleep well and this will all work in your favour!

If you're happy at home, you'll feel much more positive about everything in your life and remember, as Layla says - positive energy will bring more positive into your life!

When it comes to purchasing luxury items for your home, you always need to remember that you get what you pay for and in the long-run, things will definitely last longer making luxury pieces great value for money.  

A Comfortable Bed

Every home needs a large, comfortable bed - did you know that the average person sleeps for one-third of their life

Think about purchasing a good mattress as it's essentials for your health and your posture - with so many varieties out there, it's worth speaking to a professional who can guide you in the right direction. 

In terms of your bed - think about choosing a lovely statement headboard which instantly adds that touch of luxury to your room. 

A Fantastic Sofa

Your sofa is something which is used daily - it's where you sit with friends for a coffee and chat during the day and it's also where you snuggle up on a winter's evening - watching a great movie we might add! 

If you're looking to purchase a new sofa, we recommend checking out the Chesterfield Sofa Company for some comfortable and stylish options which won't break the bank but will last for years and of course - add that touch of luxury to your home. 

If you're looking to create a lovely luxurious feel to your home then it's worth investing in different pieces - not just a large couch.

Think about cosy armchairs and stools which instantly add that designer luxury look to any room.

If you're someone who loves colour - think about purchasing pieces in different colours for that cool retro luxury look.


Natural Wood

Natural materials are long-lasting and classic, they look great with everything and dark woods such as mahogany can look classic with a stylish-luxury feel. 

 Walnut is another fantastic option to consider as it's not quite as dark as mahogany yet it adds a warmth, cosiness and luxury feel to your room. 

A Reading Corner

Did you know that Reading can keep your mind young, help you relax?

Give yourself the opportunity and add a reading corner to your home - it'll add a unique touch to your home and depending on what type of bookshelf you opt for can add a cosy AND luxury feel to your home at the same time. 


A Beautiful Bath

When you think about relaxing, you think about beautiful bathrooms and for this, you'll need a beautiful bath - somewhere to soak, relax and feel any tension or stress disappear. 

By choosing a beautiful bathtub with additions such as jacuzzi-jets will give your bathroom a super-glam atmosphere. 

Something Shiny

Luxury can still be fun and nothing is more fun that things that shine! Think polished marble ad shiny rose gold accessories for that instant luxe feel. 

Wine Glasses

Wine is great - especially this time of year when people are enjoying themselves but it's never quite the same when you drink out of the wrong glass.

See Also

Here at Sprinkles of Style HQ - we love browsing through pictures of beautiful dining table centrepieces - you'll never see anything other than beautiful glasses on a dining table.

Wide glasses are perfect for wine with thinner options such as champagne flutes for special occasions - it's Christmas after all! 



As mentioned on the opposite side to this column - here at Sprinkles of Style we have a 'thing' for browsing through pictures of beautiful table placements and gorgeous home decor in general.

What we've constantly seen is that a well-dressed table is an absolute essential when it comes to adding that touch of luxury in your home!

Think of purchasing beautiful tablecloths, placemats, coasters and napkins so you're always ready to eat in style or host a luxurious dinner party!

You know that we love reading your comments here at Sprinkles of Style so let us know what you think of this post and about adding luxury pieces to your home! 

What are your essential? Let us know!

The Sprinkles of Style Team!


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