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Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water - Perfume Review
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Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water

Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water


As a lot of you know, I love perfumes and fragrances so I’m really excited to be writing this post about the Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water.

Below, I’ve written about the collection and how this could become your go-to summer scents.

What Is Fragrance Water? Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water


Fragrance waters have become an obsession from beauty bloggers to beauty editors all around the world.

Scented water or fragrance waters are water with a sweet aromatic smell and normally made up of flowers or herbs.

Dubbed as the modern day perfume and due to their versatility, fragrance waters are also used in other beauty products and can be layered with other perfumes.

Rose Collection By L’Occitane – Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water

Let’s talk a little bit about the rose collection by L’Occitane – it’s a beautiful collection which sadly I haven’t seen online too much.

As we all know, rose is associated with love, femininity, elegance and it’s a timeless ingredient which has been used for many, many years.

In the Rose Collection by L’Occitane, the brand has used rose (Provencal) as the primary scent with underlying notes of lychee and patchouli – offering that blend of sweet, fresh and floral.

Fragrance Water Collection – Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water


They key product in the collection is the Rose Eau De Toilette – this is the base scent which is recommended.

After this, L’Occitane suggests layering your base scent / perfume with either of the three fragrance waters in the collection.

(Blue) – £32
The most refreshing out of the three fragrance waters. Peaceful and fresh.
With floral and aquatic notes including delicate white peony, essence of chamomile and natural extracts of lavender.

(Yellow) – £32
If you’re looking for something in between fresh and sweet – this is it.
A burst of vitality, this is a floral cocktail with zesty tones including jasmine, blood orange and bergamot.

(Pink) – £32
This is the sweeter scent out of the three – a floral, fruity blend!
Radiant and uplifting this scent is summer in bottle with beautiful tones of rose, raspberry, peach and violet absolute from Provence.

All three of the fragrance waters can be worn alone or layered with the Rose Eau De Toilette first – then applying the fragrance water over the perfume base.

What I love about this is the fact that you can customise your scent to suit your mood for the day.

Lasting Power – Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water



The lasting power varies with these!

I find that when I wear the fragrance waters alone, they don’t last as long throughout the day – for example, I feel the need to re-apply the fragrance during the day.

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However, when I layer the fragrance waters with the Rose Eau De Toilette, I find that the scent lasts much longer.

As I do with my other perfumes, I tend to keep one in my bag and spritz during the day if needed.

I’ve also noticed that more people have asked me about my perfume when I wear the fragrance waters so I think people are liking floral scents like this.

Overall – Loccitane Rose Fragrance Water


Overall, I’m really impressed with the fragrance waters and I just love that you can customise and layer the scents.

The Rose Eau De Toilette is a beautiful perfume worn alone but I normally layer it with the fragrance waters.

If you’re wondering what combination I use, I tend to switch the fragrance waters daily as they’re each equally beautiful in their own way.

I’d love to know what you all think of this gorgeous collection – do you love fragrances and perfumes like this?

Layla x

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