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Lancôme Visage Micellar Water Review

Lancôme Visage Micellar Water Review


Lancôme Visage Micellar Water Review

Written By: Layla

Writing about one of the most-loved 'Micellar Waters' in the beauty industry - Layla's sharing her thoughts on the Lancôme Visage Micellar Water along with a guide on how to use it on your skin type to ensure you see the benefits.


As a lot of you know, I LOVE writing beauty product review articles and it makes me so happy when I manage to find some time to sit down and get these posts online.

I'm a big fan of trying different beauty products and thanks to Sprinkles of Style, I'm now lucky enough to work with brands from all around the world - brands which when I was younger, could only dream about using!

My skincare regime changes throughout the year - in winter, a lot of my beauty products are highly nourishing and luxurious whereas in the spring / summer months - I choose products that are extremely lightweight, refreshing and cooling on the skin.

With travelling, one of the things that I love is shopping at different airports - who doesn't!?

A few years ago, you could really find some gems - whether it was great deals and bundle kits or brands that you couldn't find elsewhere however now - the prices are sky-high yet the beauty-lover inside can't resist a few purchases!

On my latest trip, in Heathrow - I found this product from Lancôme. I'd never tried it before but heard great things about it due to it's 'Miceller' technology and added it to my basket - literally.

Lancôme Visage Micellar Water Review: Packaging 

As you can see, the packaging is very simple however it's the little touches like the flower ( Lancôme logo) which is indented in the bottle and cap.

I also love how the blue oil which sits on top of the water is colour-ordinated to the 'Visage' writing on the bottle too.

Like I say, it's the little touches which make a big difference.


Lancôme Visage Micellar Water Review: Micellar Technology

The technology for the Lancôme Visage Micellar Water is a lot more advanced compared to other Micellar Waters which you find on the high-street.

As you can see in the images - the liquid is 'split' into two - the oil (blue liquid) sits on top of the water and when shaken, this activates the formulation.

Combining the ingredients together - removing your makeup (and waterproof mascara) to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Lancôme Visage Micellar Water Review: How To Use For Your Skin Type

A lot of people seem to avoid using Micellar Waters however they can  be really beneficial for your skin - when used correctly for your skin type.

Micellar water 'lifts' makeup away from your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and clean.

Below, you can see the way I would recommend using the product according to your skin type.

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Normal Skin: At the end of a long day, soak two cotton pads with the Lancôme Visage Micellar Water and wipe over your face - removing make-up and mascara. Go over with a third cotton pad and follow-up with a refreshing toner and moisturiser.

Combination Skin: Cleanse skin with an oil-free, balancing face wash / lotion and pat dry. Dampen two cotton pads with warm water and add a little bit of the Lancôme Visage Micellar Water. Wipe over face, eyes and neck to balance your skin and lastly, use your favourite moisturiser to nourish skin.

Sensitive Skin: Using 2-4 damp cotton pads (warm water), add a little bit of the Lancôme Visage Micellar Water along with a couple of drops of rose water or rose oil. This will remove all traces of make-up and soothe sensitive / irritated skin too whilst nourishing.


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You all know that I love reading your comments and on here - I'd like to think that we can create a little community or  beauty forum of our own.

If you've use this product or if you recommend any other micellar waters, make sure you comment below so myself (and others) can take a look - along with sharing your blogs too.

Look forward to reading your comments! 🙂

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