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How to Stack Jewellery

How to Stack Jewellery



How To Stack Jewellery – There’s no denying that jewellery is the main ‘accessory’ when it comes to your outfit – no matter what you’re wearing, from casual to evening, workwear to lucnhwear, there’ll be a piece of jewellery somewhere.

A few months ago, all I wanted was big statement jewellery – the more eye catching, colourful and bold, the better!

Now, I’m finding myself drifting towards delicate jewellery – dainty pieces which look pretty yet can still be stacked for an edgier feel,

One of the most asked questions is ‘How to stack Jewellery’ so below I’ve listed all the ways you can stack YOUR jewellery and still look great, effortless and chic no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going…

How To Stack Jewellery – Layering Necklaces

Necklaces are absolutely beautiful and with so many varieties now available it can be hard to choose just one to wear – this is the perfect opportunity for you to layer a few of your favourite pieces together….

No matter if they’re delicate or statement – you can layer them with plain t-shirts, V-neck tops or oversized shirts! I prefer plain colours or very delicate patterns when I wear layer my jewellery to ensure the focus remains on them.

Delicate Necklaces

When it comes to your delicate pieces you can afford to start layering shorter chains, I aim to layer between 3-5 pieces making sure that each chain / necklace is longer than the previous.

Your first necklace can sit just below your collarbone, keep about 1cm distance between your next necklace so that there’s enough space between the two – dainty pieces can be layered to just above your bra line / mid-chest.

Statement Necklaces

With your bold, statement necklaces I would recommend layering 2 necklaces maximum as you want things to look edgy, chic and classy – not like you’ve thrown everything you own on!

I tend to layer my statement necklaces lower than the dainty pieces – the first necklace should be resting on your chest and the other necklace just below the other and sitting above your bellybutton.

How To Stack Jewellery – Bracelets

Bracelets are a lot easier to stack up – there’s no rule or anything to follow as people now layer statement bracelets and delicate bangles together!

I would say 4-7 bracelets/bangles can be stacked and layered together depending on their size and design but you can play around and really have fun!

How To Stack Jewellery – Rings

I absolutely love my rings and will always wear at least one!

When it comes to your rings you can really have fun when layering them together – you do need to find a balance between ‘layering’ and tacky so here are a couple of tips!

Delicate Rings

Dainty and delicate rings are absolutely beautiful, you can really get away with layering a lot more – layering simple bands with thin gemstone bands works wonders as you get a pop of colour too.

Try keeping your rings the same – don’t mix gold and silver! It looks a lot prettier when everything is the same tone.

See Also

Adding a couple of midi rings also works really well with the stacked/layered look without putting too much thought into picking which rings to wear!  See Topshop rings – they’re lovely!

Statement Rings

With statement rings I personally prefer layering around 2-3 of them together before it starts getting too much – you want things to look elegant and classy, not like you’ve thrown every ring you own on!

You can shop a few items below! 🙂

Topshop Ring Pack

River Island Statement Necklaces

House of Fraser Delicate Layered Necklace

So, let me know what you all think – do you love stacking your jewellery or do you sometimes think about what to layer and how to layer it?


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