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How To Keep Organised as a Blogger

How To Keep Organised as a Blogger



How to keep organised as a Blogger – It’s a question that many people ask and especially when you’re just starting out it can be hard to keep everything under control.

In this post I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks on how you can stay organised as a blogger and keep your blogging routine and schedule steady.

How to keep organised as a Blogger – Notes

Notepads and Notes, this is one of the most important things that you need to have with you all the time excluding your diary.

I find that having a little notepad in my handbag really helps as I might get an idea when I’m having coffee with friends or I might see something inspiring that I’ll want to share…making a few notes will help keep all your ideas flowing.

How to keep organised as a Blogger – Diary

Another important thing that should be with you ALL THE TIME – your diary!

Since getting my Filofax (post here) I’ve managed to keep everything under control – meetings, events, blog schedule, email contacts and to-do lists are all jotted in here and updated every/every other day.

How to keep organised as a Blogger – Phone

I’m old-school at heart and love writing things down in my diary and notebook but where on earth would I be without my iPhone 6 Plus…’s a little (big) Godsend and with apps like Evernote, Countdown+, Outlook, Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I can keep updated with my planner, blogs and social media!

I’ll be covering the best blogging phone apps in another post….

How to keep organised as a Blogger – Folders

I told you, I’m old-school and when you work from home you need to make sure you have files and folders to hand to keep all your leaflets, press info and details in one place so they can easily be found.

On my desk I have quite a few folders consisting of ‘launching soon‘ ‘launched‘ ‘lookbook‘ ‘press sheets‘ where I sort everything out and know what’s happening soon, what’s happened and any other details I need….

How to keep organised as a Blogger – Blog Planner

Ah, who doesn’t love a good blog planner?

I find these so handy when it comes to planning my blog post schedule and looking back on posts I’ve written – they’re so cute when folded and used as a pull-out in diaries!


How to keep organised as a Blogger – Blog Guide

Even established bloggers need a little hand when it comes to maintaining a blog! For those who don’t know, I’ve written a little bloggers guide about how to launch and maintain a successful blog and covered some of the most asked questions…

WordPress V Blogger

Blog Design, 

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and lots, lots more! 🙂

Check out the Blog Guide 

How to keep organised as a Blogger – Pin Board

Yes, good old-fashioned pin boards are a great when it comes to inspiration and very handy for keeping your notes in one place (and desk tidy) too.

During fashion week I tend to create a ‘fashion board’ above my desk and use cut-outs from magazines and look books…..perfect for blogging and even inspiration for my own outfits too!


So, there we have some of my tips and tricks about how to keep organised as a blogger, I’ll be covering topics like blog designs, best blogging apps and blog photography so if you have any questions you can email, comment or tweet your questions through to me!


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