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Hot Pink – Clutch Bag

Hot Pink – Clutch Bag

So it’s no secret that I love fashion, colours and sparkly things!
Don’t mistake me for one of them girls that can spend hours in a store…no!
 I actually hate looking through rails and shelves so what I’ve developed is a little technique and I just scan the shelves and rails until something stands out! Hahaha!
In TK MAXX a few days ago this beautiful clutch bag stood out for me!
It was bright, cute and lovely with the statement holder which just gives it a unique look which I love!
I enjoy reading all the magazines and looking at the trends but I NEVER follow the trends…I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in!
If I’m off to an event then things may change slightly and I’ll wear my heels and a lovely dress but I still like to feel comfortable!
Nothing is worse than seeing someone who can’t walk in heels cause they’re too high or in tops or leggings too tight or see-through….what’s wrong with you!?!?
Anyway coming back to this gorgeous clutch it’s ONLY £12.99!!!
So if you have a local TK MAXX near you I’d definitely recommend having a little look if you like this clutch!
What do you think?
Love or hate?
Layla xxx*
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