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Home Decor Pastels and Neutrals

Home Decor Pastels and Neutrals



Home Decor Pastels and Neutrals – About a month or so ago I wrote a post about decorating your office (post here) which was pretty girly and colourful but you all LOVED it and even though I said I would write more about interior decoration, I haven’t really kept up with it!

I have a little addiction with Pinterest especially when it comes to inspiration for home decor and as soon as I spotted this picture above, fell in love with how pretty the room is!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to change your home – all you need is some paint, imagination and of course looking around for the best buys when it comes to your accessories!

Check out some of my picks below! 🙂

Crystal Chandelier


Coffee Table

Amethyst Rug

I’d keep the wall colour very similar to the picture above and maybe a touch lighter if the room is small!

See Also

In regards to the cushions I’d also throw in a couple of deep purple tones just to add depth and variety to the room and I would co-ordinate the rug to be a similar purple too – if your furniture is white and most of your cushions are white I think it would be lovely to have that little bit of contrast with the purple.

Ah – interior decorating…..I do love it! 🙂

Let me know what you all think! Is this something that you would go for or do you prefer the minimal/clean/sharp look?


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