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GOSH Mineral Powder Review

GOSH Mineral Powder Review


GOSH Mineral Powder - ReviewGOSH Mineral PowderGOSH Mineral Powder ReviewGOSH Mineral Powder GOSH Mineral Powder GOSH Mineral Powder - Review- Swatch

GOSH Mineral Powder Review *

I’m a really big fan of GOSH cosmetics, they have some really lovely products at extremely affordable prices – one of my favourite lipsticks is from GOSH and sadly the one I use has been discontinued so, if you know of a great nude lipstick – let me know πŸ˜‰

In this post I’m going to be writing about the GOSH Mineral Powder in Colour: Tan – 008 I’m rarely impressed with mineral powders as most of them are really quite cakey….so let’s see how this one did in my review πŸ™‚

GOSH Mineral Powder Review – Packaging

This is exactly as a mineral powder should be, it comes in a little jar and is actually a lot bigger (8g) than other mineral powders on the market. It looks really sleek, neat and I love the bold writing on the cap….it’s great! πŸ™‚

One of the things which I think makes this really lovely is the ‘security seal‘ inside the product. I know it’s not called that but I just can’t remember what it is…. haha!

As you can see in the pictures above, you turn the seal which allows you to apply the powder as needed and turn it back to seal it – this is perfect if you’re a person who does makeup on the go or even when travelling as you don’t need to worry about a major powder explosion in your handbag hahaha…..

If anyone knows what the ‘seal’ is called PLEASE tell me as it’s just not coming to my mind right now….Β 

GOSH Mineral Powder Review – Texture

You’re probably laughing at the fact I’m writing about the ‘texture‘ of this powder but don’t because it’s not a proper powder πŸ˜‰

Yes it’s described as a powder and it does look/act like a powder when getting it out of the jar and onto your Kabuki brush BUT when this hits your skin you really see this product coming into it’s own.

The ‘powder‘ is so lightweight and as you start applying it to your skin it becomes almost cream like giving you that wonderfully smooth finish.

It also provides skin with buildable coverage, a light dusting onto skin will just keep any excess oil at bay but if you buff a decent amount onto your skin it’ll cover light scars and sort out uneven skin tones giving you a really lovely yet natural finish.

GOSH Mineral Powder Review – How to Apply

I know so many people who stay away from mineral powders as they’re not sure how to use them and don’t want to end up with horrible make-up but as much as it matters on the actual ‘powder’ itself it’s also about what products you use underneath.

I’ll be doing a video on how to use/apply mineral foundation, I’m just waiting on some new lighting to come through but click HERE to subscribe to my channel πŸ™‚

I’ve listed the steps I normally use below for you.

Apply Primer.

Apply concealer where needed.

Apply foundation if you want.

During the day I’ll apply my mineral powder foundation after my concealer, I normally dot concealer around and under my area.

Using a Kabuki brush I ‘buff’ the mineral foundation onto my skin and neck until I get that smooth finish/look that I’m after.

I then apply my eyeshadow and bronzer as normal.

This is just a basic guide…as mentioned above I will be doing a video showing you how to use it during the day for a natural look and some little tips for using it for a night out too…

GOSH Mineral Powder Review – Overall

I really like this GOSH Mineral Powder, it’s so lovely, lightweight and gives skin a smooth finish.

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The picture above is of me wearing the powder foundation and as you can see my skin looks smooth and has Β a ‘glow‘ about it which I love and know many of you love too!

GOSH Mineral Powder Review – Purchase

I really, really recommend this – if you’re looking for a product that will give you buildable coverage, help uneven skin tone and generally make you look good without spending too much time on your skin, then this is a product to go for!

It glides onto your skin and gives you a lovely radiant glow, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a powder either and it’s wonderful to pop into your handbag and use it throughout the day if you need to.

There’s a number of shades available which you can buy from SuperdrugΒ and I’ve listed them all below along with the one I’m wearing.

Click HERE for Tan008 (My Colour & Pictured above)

Click HERE for Ivory – 002

Click HERE for Natural – 004

Click HERE for Honey – 006

Priced at just Β£9.99 – I think it’s a bargain and I’ve been using this everyday for about a month now (it took a while to get the review online) and I think this will last me for another 2 months easy…..

So, I always LOVE hearing/reading your comment so let me know what you think by commenting and please, please, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel by clicking HEREΒ 

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