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Fun, laughter & a cute photo! :)

Fun, laughter & a cute photo! :)

Hello to all you lovely readers!
It’s Friday and as always I’m sat in my living room watching T.V, drinking red bull and working! (Multi-tasking
I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday and had a lot of likes on it so I decided that I would post it on here too…spreading the ‘Instalove‘….see what I did there….!?
Cute small dog! 
I am so in LOVE with this photo! 😀
Hope you all like it and you can also follow me follow me on Instagram for cute photos like this, beauty products, sneak peeks and fashion! !
This must be one of the shortest posts I’ve posted on here but I do hope you all have a lovely weekend!
 Make sure you check back either tomorrow evening or Sunday evening when I’ll be writing a new post!! 🙂
Fun, laughter and (some) sunshine from London! 
Layla xxx
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