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Freshly Cosmetics Product Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Natural Beauty Brand

Freshly Cosmetics Product Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Natural Beauty Brand


Freshly Cosmetics Product Review - Everything You Need To Know About The Natural Beauty Brand

Written By: Layla

Brand Spotlight: Freshly Cosmetics

From an introduction post to a full product review - here's everything you need to know about Freshly Cosmetics, the best-selling natural beauty brand in Barcelona which is now available in the UK.

Freshly Cosmetics - The Brand

For those of you you who follow the website, you'll have read this post here, introducing the brand to you lovely readers.

For those of you who don't know about Freshly Cosmetics, they're one of the most sought-after natural beauty brands (face, skin and haircare) in Barcelona and now, you can find the brand in the UK through their UK Website.

What Makes Freshly Cosmetics Special?

They're a brand that care.

They care about the ingredients they use in their products and provide easy-to-use detox plans to really help your skin, body and hair - along with being vegan and cruelty-free!

(Visit Freshly Cosmetics Shop)


Skin Care - Freshly Cosmetics


Purifying Facial Toner (With Lime) - Freshly Cosmetics

A lot of people skip toners when it comes to their skincare regime and personally, I tend to use it more during the Spring / Summer months to refresh and hydrate my skin as much as possible however, this is a product that's made me change my mind.

The Freshly Cosmetics Purifying Facial Toner has changed the game for my skin. This is a toner with a difference in the sense that it doesn't just refresh my skin - it hydrates, nourishes, softens and gives my skin a lovely glow along with balancing pH levels too.

With the addition of lime, this smells wonderful and really fresh - it's extremely uplifting and I personally prefer using this in the evening to give my skin that extra nourishment, allowing my night cream to 'lock in' those wonderful ingredients.


GOLDEN RADIANCE OIL - Freshly Cosmetics

For me, this is a must-have product for everyone due to it's versatility and wonderful combination of ingredients like organic jojoba, organic babassu, marula, rosehip and chia oil which all nourish, prevent scars and increase skin firmness!

It's a super-lightweight oil which is absorbed by skin in a matter of minutes, great to use all year round and can be applied on the skin for extra hydration during the colder months too.


BODY CARE - Freshly Cosmetics

Revitalising Body Scrub (With Raspberry Seeds) - Freshly Cosmetics

What I love about Freshly Cosmetics is that every product has been specially developed and formulated to provide your skin with ultra-nourishment, leaving you feeling better than ever.

This was one of the very first products that I used when I received items from Freshly Cosmetics and I was in love with the texture of this body scrub along with it's yummy scent - raspberry of course!

You know how some body scrubs can be slightly harsh on the skin? Not this - this scrub contains tiny raspberry seeds which exfoliate and buff your skin leaving it super soft, smooth and healthy.

I applied this directly onto dry skin to test out and it's like a thick body lotion - apply a little bit of water and this turns into a creamy lather with the raspberry seeds delicately exfoliating your skin.


Firming Body Cream (With Caffeine) - Freshly Cosmetics 

As you all know, this time of year is when I reach for my body lotions, potions and creams and you may have seen me briefly talking about this product in one of my Vlogs.

It may be called a body cream however this is a lightweight product which absorbs extremely quickly - with key ingredients such as natural caffeine concentrate, gotu kola, ginger and cucumber extract.

Perfect for this time of year with the weather temperatures in the UK getting colder.

Nourishing Shower Gel (With Avocado) - Freshly Cosmetics

I know that I normally don't feature shower gels on here however, I think we're in a time when a lot more of us are paying attention to the ingredients which are going in our beauty products and this shower gel is something to take notice of!

As you can see, this is described as a nourishing shower gel and that, it is.... with the addition of avocado (a creamy ingredient) this is ultra-nourishing on the skin and leaves you feeling soft and super-smooth, you can follow-up with a body cream for extra hydration (mentioned above) but even if you forget, this will keep your skin feeling lovely for the day.

The scent? Don't worry - it doesn't smell like avocado, in fact, it's an uplifting fresh scent - perfect for the day!


ACTIVE PROTECTION DEODORANT (With Lemon) - Freshly Cosmetics

Another thing which more and more people are taking notice of is the ingredients used in their deodorant and with Freshly Cosmetics - you don't need to worry as everything is natural, paraben free and in this case, the deodorant is aluminium and alcohol free!

The active protection has a prebiotic antibacterial property which helps to stop odour causing bacteria, yeast and fungus.

With a natural and extremely fresh fragrance this is something which will be loved by everyone and even though I love my sweeter scents, the combination of lemon, mint and sweet orange is too lovely to resist!

HAIR CARE - Freshly Cosmetics


Refreshing Shampoo (With Grapefruit) - Freshly Cosmetics

Just as you do with your skincare, you should also be paying attention to the products used for your hair - including your shampoo!

This is a paraben free, sulphate free shampoo which doesn't just cleanse - it also helps to strengthen your hair with the creamy lather and specially developed formulation.

The ingredients have all been picked to work with each other in harmony, helping to strengthen roots and reduce hair loss for thicker, fuller looking hair.

I absolutely love the scent of this shampoo, the grapefruit is beautifully fresh with a touch of sweetness and a wonderful product to use on your hair.

I have really long hair so I tend to use between 2-5 pumps of shampoo on damp hair to create a lovely lather - it's creamy but not heavy on the hair! In fact, it's a lightweight product but you can see the difference with how your hair looks and feels after using this.

ANTI-FRIZZ REPAIRING CONDITIONER (With Coconut Oil) - Freshly Cosmetics

I absolutely love this anti-frizz repairing conditioner due to it's creamy yet lightweight texture - with the addition of coconut oil.

I use this in different ways - if I'm in a rush for example, I'll just apply this onto the ends of my hair after shampooing, leaving it on for around 4-5 minutes whilst having a shower.

See Also

If I'm in pamper mode however, I'll apply this all-over my hair after shampooing (roots and ends) combing it through and clipping my hair into a bun leaving it for around 15-20 minutes.

Rinse hair thoroughly and style as normal. This is when my hair feels soft, nourished and healthy - the healthier your hair, the better your style will hold.



This is amongst one of the first products that I used from Freshly Cosmetics along with the Revitalising Body Scrub and as with all the products - I've been impressed with this too!

Specially developed, this is a toxic-free serum with a creamy (lightweight) texture which is absorbed by hair in seconds - apply onto damp hair before styling.

I also use a little amount on the ends of my hair once styled for extra treatment!

Again, the scent is extremely fresh and uplifting but not at all overpowering so a great product to use all-year-round and to take away when travelling!


LIP BALMS - Freshly Cosmetics

Now, this is something that I briefly featured in this Vlog as Freshly Cosmetics have also brought us these fabulous lip balms - just in time for winter and Christmas!

(Coming in a lip balm 3-pack, you can split them as they're great stocking fillers!)

Deep Nourish Lip Balm (Yellow)

Formulated for dry, chapped lips - this is an ultra-nourishing balm. Perfect to wear during the day to protect and can also be used as part of your evening skincare regime to nourish overnight. (Shop Here)

Natural Volume Lip Balm (Turquoise)

Packed with powerful active ingredients to boost volume, giving your lips a naturally fuller look. (Shop Here)

Pink Protection Lip Balm (Pink)

This is a tinted lip balm and I mean tinted! It's a lovely pink/peach shade and even though this is a balm, it's really pigmented so a little goes a long way. (Shop Here)


More Photos - Freshly Cosmetics

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I cannot wait to read all your lovely comments about this post - let me know what you think of all the items, if any of the products takes your fancy and if you're someone who pays more attention to the ingredients used in skincare / beauty and make-up products?

Looking forward to reading all your lovely comments and wishing everyone a great weekend!

x x

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