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Flower Print Skort

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Flower Print Skort – Ah, so it’s been over a month since I’ve returned to the UK after my trip to Greece and how beautiful it was!

I was lucky enough to work with a few brands whilst I was out there, met so many great people and was even invited on one of the biggest radio stations in Athens!

These photos were taken whilst I was acting like a ‘tourist‘ around Athens – it was SO hot and I didn’t really think about taking any proper outfit shots, I was thinking more about the iced coffee I was about to enjoy!

The first photo you can see is from a little ‘village’ right in the centre of Athens – not many people know about it but it’s a 10 minute walk up a mountain and it looks like you’re in Santorini! Everything is white, marble and blue – really secluded and beautiful….

The photo you can see just below was actually someones house – hahahaha!

Just behind me was someones table and chairs….can you imagine waking up and seeing all of Athens like this? It’s beautiful and on the left hand side (out of camera view) you could just see the sea…..

What I really want to share with you though are these lovely flower print sports – I mean, how cute are they?

I picked them up from Primark just before jetting off to Greece at a bargain price of just £8 – I bought about 3 different designs and colour themes, one of which you can see in this post here….

All you need are some cute sunglasses, a simple black vest top and wedge heels as I normally wore or in this case sandals for walking around comfortably in! 🙂

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I got my iced coffee in the end! 🙂

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So, let me know what you all think – would you like to see some pictures from the radio show and after party I attended? 🙂


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