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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour All Over Miracle Oil

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour All Over Miracle Oil



Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review – Ah, so what do we have here? Another beauty product launch, another beauty review?

Indeed but this isn’t just any review – it’s your must-have luxury product review as it’s the latest launch from Elizabeth Arden, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review!

You can count on Elizabeth Arden and if the “original” eight hour range is anything to go by then keep reading….. 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review – Packaging

How cute is the box!? It doesn’t come like this but it really does look like a Christmas gift – I’d love to be greeted with goodies looking like this everyday! 🙂

Inside the box you can see the boxed “Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil” and in true Elizabeth Arden style it looks professional, sleek and high-end which I love!

Inside the box you get the product (obviously) which is really lovely too! It’s not a glass bottle which is great for everyday use but it doesn’t look plastic or cheap – the ‘frosted bottle’ effect and staple “8” design (eight-hour range) gives this a really luxurious feel.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review – Application

I tried to capture it in the picture and you can see it’s a spray-applicator making things really easy to apply – especially after showering to ‘lock-in’ all the moisture leaving your skin feeling nourished, hydrated, soft and smooth!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review – How To Use?

I don’t know why but this is my favourite part of posts – there’s something that I really enjoy when writing a detailed description on how to use and make the most of your products!

Elizabeth Arden have really taken the time with developing this product as there’s 8 great ways to use this on your face, body and hair – a multi-use product! Hooray!


In the evening, after cleansing your skin or having a shower, apply 1 spritz onto the palm of your hands and “warm” the oil then gently press onto your face and neck area.

You could “pamper” your skin and after cleansing and exfoliating, apply 2 spritz’s onto your face and gently massage the oil into your skin – this will help blood to circulate and make your skin glow!


After a shower apply a few spritz’s onto your legs, arms and body – gently massage into your skin to “lock-in” all the moisture and hydrate your skin.

Perfect to use after shaving – apply onto legs and massage into the skin to hydrate, smooth and soothe skin caused from any irritations.

After a long day you can even use this as a massage oil – the delicate, relaxing scent will help you to feel calmer and stress-free!


Can be used on wet or dry hair

Wet Hair – After showering, apply 1 spritz into palms and apply onto the ends where hair is normally dehydrated. Air-dry.

Dry Hair – Perfect to use in the mornings before & after styling as it’s so lightweight! Add a little bit onto the ends working your way to the mid-lenghts for shine and to leave your hair soft and swishy! (Insert hair flick emoji)

* Extra *

Cuticles – Yep! This can even be used as a cuticle oil to hydrate and nourish skin!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review – Formula & Ingredients

Another part of product reviews that I absolutely love writing about! There’s something so fun about explaining the formula of a product and I really do hope that I keep things simple for you all! 🙂

Like I’ve mentioned above, Elizabeth Arden have really taken the time with the development of this product – everything about it is brilliant, I really mean that!

This contains a blend of moisturising ingredients including Tsubaki Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Kernel Oil, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract and Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract – to name a few.

See Also

(Tsubaki Oil, Camelia Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract & Ginger Root Extract)

To keep things simple, it’s a blend of wonderful ingredients that have been clinically proven to moisturise your face, body and hair for up to 12 hours – without that nasty greasy feeling!

If applied regularly your hair will also regain it’s shine, strength and moisture – hello swishy!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil Review – Purchase

You can purchase this glorious multi-use product from the Elizabeth Arden website by clicking Eight Hour Miracle Oil

Priced at £29.00 for 100ml – this is pricey but you have to think that Elizabeth Arden is a high-end brand that provides you with a touch of luxury!

You’ll absolutely love this as it can be used all over the body to hydrate, nourish and soften – without that greasy feeling!

I cannot recommend this enough and if I have to pick a current “must-have” product, it’s this! 🙂

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You all know that I absolutely love reading your comments so please do let me know what you think!

Does this sound like a product you’d be using daily – are you a fan of multi-use products?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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