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Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley


Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley (And Game Room)

Written By: Layla

It's time to sit back, relax and join Layla as she visits The Courthouse Hotel Shoredicth - spending time in the game room, complete with a bowling alley and below, you can see plenty of photos and a video which Layla filmed on the day too.

Enjoy 🙂


The Courthouse Hotel Shoredicth: Location

The hip, upmarket hotel is a 7 minutes walk from Old Street tube station and a 13 minutes walk from Old Spitalfields Market.

Location / Address: Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

335-337 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LL

You can view the full-article feature by clicking here.

You can visit their website.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley (And Game Room)

As you might have seen on my social media, during my latest travels to London - I stayed in The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch.

(See the full article here.)

One day, instead of going out, I stayed in the hotel and made use of their game room which also consisted of a fully-functional bowling alley, complete with screens, shoes and even drinks - if requested.


The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley

As you can see, the bowling alley is fully-functional, professional and the beautiful decor which is found in the rooms (and throughout the hotel) has also been carried into the game room / bowling alley.

The room itself is fun and vibrant with pops of colour yet at the same time, you can really relax which is exactly what you should be doing when staying in a hotel.

The bowling alley at The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch is a two-lane alley (as you can see in the photos) and is available for a variety of functions - private functions. exclusive parties and even team building days for when companies look after their staff.

If you're like me and simply staying in the hotel - you can also book the bowling alley on an hour-by-hour basis.

Food and drink is also available - the the game room section of the room, there's a phone so you can get in touch with any of the staff and team members if needed.

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley

Continuing from above and as you can see in the photo here, the bowling alley really is a fully-functional, professional two-lane bowling alley.

Even coming with screens which display your score as you play - talk about having fun and enjoying yourself when staying in a luxury London hotel!

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.33.44

PHOTOS - The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley


Game Mode - With My Sister


VIDEO - The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch Bowling Alley (And Game Room)

Below, you can check out my video from The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch and you'll also be able to see the game room and me trying to play.... hahaha!

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