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Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review


Clarins True Radiance Foundation ReviewClarins true Radiance Foundation ReviewClarins True Radiance Foundation ReviewClarins True Radiance Foundation ReviewClarins True Radiance Foundation ReviewClarins true Radiance Foundation Review

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review *

As a lot of you know I’m a huge fan of Clarins’ products and was kindly invited to view their new make-up collection for Autumn.

I have never tried the Clarins’ foundation before so when I got my beauty loving hands on the true radiance foundation I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to feature this on here so let’s get going! 🙂

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review – Packaging

As always with Clarins, products come packaged in a box which for me makes a product go from simple to yay…..upon opening the box you also get a little leaflet with information about the product, another lovely touch from Clarins.

I mean, how can you not fall in love with this bottle…it’s beautiful and just screaaaaams luxury!

My attention immediately went to the lid – it’s a cap lined with gold which also matches the pump applicator. The pump applicator itself is plastic but NOT flimsy at all, it’s really sturdy and when paying relatively more for a high-end foundation this is exactly what I would expect….good quality everything!

I could carry on about how pretty the packaging is, yes it’s simple but it little touches of gold and glass make it look so lovely.

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review – Texture

When I was invited to Clarins to view their new make-up collection, I fell in love with this foundation – it’s a liquid foundation but has a creamy butteriness to it which smoothes skin for a lovely natural finish.

This is lightweight on the skin that it doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing a foundation, more of a tinted moisturiser.!

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review – Coverage

The great thing about this is that you can apply a really little amount just to give skin a beautiful healthy glow – that’s what Ive done in the pictures above.

At the same time you can build the coverage for a lovely almost airbrushed finish again without it feeling heavy on the skin.

I’ll be featuring this in a make-up tutorial very soon showing you a lovely evening make-up look but my new lights are taking SO long to come through 🙁 

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Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review – Lasting Power / Appearance

When I test products I normally apply them first thing in the morning and remove it last thing in the evening, although it’s not great for my skin I really want to be as thorough as possible!

Here are my steps when applying Foundation

Cleanse Skin

Apply Primer

Apply Concealer


Apply more concealer if needed

In the pictures above, I’m wearing my primer and foundation – I’m NOT wearing any concealer as I wanted to keep the focus on the foundation.

You can see that it really does a great job at giving skin a lovely smooth appearance yet it still looks natural.

I am wearing eyeliner on my upper lash line and a coat of mascara but on my skin that’s it.

Coverage can be built but this is the ‘natural‘ look which I tend to go for everyday when I want my skin to look decent quickly.

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This lasts all day but I do find that on some occasions I did get a bit of shine on my nose and forehead in the evening after wearing it all day – nothing a little bit of powder can’t fix! 🙂

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review – Overall

Overall I really recommend this foundation, yes it’s pricier than what you can get on the high street BUT the quality is amazing.

You can really tell the difference when using it as skin immediately looks a lot better, healthier and natural – you don’t get that horrible ‘cakey’ look either.

Pigmentation is wonderful too and a little really goes a long way so with daily use this will easily last you over 3-4 months!

Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review – Purchase

You can purchase this from the Clarins website for £27.00

Click HERE to view the True Radiance Foundation

There’s SO many shades to choose from!

You can also click HERE to go to the Clarins homepage and browse through all their products 🙂

As always I LOVE hearing from you gorgeous people so let me know what you think!

Have you tried this…..thoughts?

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