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The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Mask

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Mask


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The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Mask Review

The Body Shop is a brand we all know and love, I remember walking by the stores when I was going to school and every time I walk past a store now, it’s the same familiar warming scent.

The Body Shop used to be the go-to place for body and bath gift sets and as much as I love them they’ve expanded so much and you can now find all sorts of beauty products, skincare and makeup.

I got this Tea Tree Face Mask a couple of months ago and have only just come round to using it so here’s the review! 🙂

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Review – Packaging

As you can see in the pictures the packaging is really lovely, it’s quite simple yet sleek.

I would have preferred a mask to be in a tube as it just makes things a lot easier (and not as messy) when it comes to applying it to skin but I also know that a lot of people actually like having their mask in jars/tubs like this so it’s all down to personal opinions 🙂

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Review – Product

The product itself is actually really lovely, nourishing and quite thick – I like using a decent amount when it comes to face masks.

Now I know a lot of you that suffer with oily/combination skin will be panicking at the fact I just said it’s a “thick” face mask but bear with me!

The main ingredient is Tea Tree and we all know that it’s great for oily/combination and blemish prone skin as it helps to balance oil levels, nourish and soothe skin but at the same time can be a great source or moisture for dry skin – bonus.

One thing which was slightly different was that this felt really “cooling” when applied to the skin and tingled slightly making me wonder if in fact this has mint in it but I couldn’t say anything ‘minty’ in the ingredients.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Review – After Use

I normally leave face masks on for about 20-30 minutes so the ingredients can really sink in and work on my skin and that’s what I did with this face mask too – make sure you apply to cleansed skin!

After 20-30 minutes remove the mask with a warm/hot flannel and gently wipe off all the product until your skin is clean.

Once I had removed the face mask I did see a difference to my skin, it looked a lot healthier, glowing and fresh – like I’d been on holiday for a week and not worn any make-up hahaha!

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My skin felt really clean, soft and smooth so if you’re looking for a face mask that does the job then I do recommend this as it’s great for both dry and oily/combination skin – it lifts away impurities, helps to balance the skin and nourishes to keep it soft and smooth!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Review – Purchase

You can purchase this for £10 which is a great price considering how little you use and how much product there is in the jar/tub! 🙂

Click HERE to view the product

I know it might take me a few days to get round to replying to your comments but I absolutely LOVE reading them all as they make me smile, laugh and this is what keeps me going everyday! 🙂

Let me know what you think of this face mask, tried it, seen it or love it??

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