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B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum



B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum Review – What do we have here? I absolutely love pretty packaging and this B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum is by far one of the cutest beauty products that I’ve seen in a very long time!

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum Review – Packaging

It’s no secret that I love pretty packaging, it’s one of the first things that we all notice and as soon as I saw this in the parcel that arrived for me, I fell in love! (Enter Heart Eyes Emoji)

I mean – it’s just SO pretty, so girly and really does remind me of something that I would see in a sweetie shop!

This highlighting serum comes packaged in an airless bottle, it’s a pump applicator just like many other serums on the market, with each use the little platform on the bottom will rise through the product and give you just enough to cover your face.

Once you’ve used up all the product the little platform will have reached the top of the bottle hence the airless application.

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum Review – Product

It’s called popping candy but there’s no popping involved here! It does look like it though haha!

The ‘popping candy’ are in fact tiny beads of pearls and when you press the pump applicator they slowly burst and combine with the gel formula giving you a pearly highlighting serum – cool eh!?

It’s a lightweight product which is really lovely and actually rather nourishing – perfect for the summer to give your skin a healthy glow and perfect for the winter as a base for your makeup too.

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum Review – How To Use

There are two ways that I like to use this which I’ve listed below.

Healthy Glow

With the warmer weather, I prefer keeping my make-up really lightweight and if you’re jetting off on holiday somewhere warm you can just use this to give your skin a really lovely, healthy glow.

Apply after moisturiser / primer and let it sink into your skin, follow up with your mascara, bronzer and lipgloss. The product will have been absorbed and your skin will feel soft, smooth and just look healthy and gorgeous.

Base Makeup

With Autumn / Winter on the way this will be a wonderful product to use as a base product for your makeup and you can see it being used like this in my makeup video which I’ve listed below.

After your primer apply this to your face and neck followed by your liquid foundation (it works better with liquid) and blend using a flat-top foundation brush. This will give your skin an incredibly gorgeous glow – apply a touch more of the B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum if you want a dewy finish.

B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum Review – Overall

This is such a great product and like I’ve mentioned above, is great for using all year round! It gives skin such a beautiful glow and can be used alone or with makeup too.

I really do recommend this and if it’s good enough to have a celebrity following AND is used by make-up artists on TV, Video Shoots and photoshoots then why not give it a go?

See Also

The ONLY thing that is missing from this is the scent – I would have loved it to have a sweet scent but it’s more or less unscented!

You can purchase the B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum for just £7.49 from Superdrug as it’s currently on sale from it’s regular price of £14.99 !!!

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You can see this being used in my latest Makeup Video Tutorial – Please Subscribe to my channel too, I have many fun videos coming soon! 🙂

I love reading your comments so let me know what you think of the B. Sweet popping Candy Highlight Serum – is it something you’ll be using??

Let me know! 🙂


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