New Look 3-Pack Belts

New Look 3-Pack Belts


I know people will think I'm weird but I love finding bargains and seeing as I write a blog why not share these bargains with my wonderful readers too, so imagine how happy I was to see this New Look 3-Pack Belts!!

Why do I like New Look 3-pack Belts?

Yes, I know it's strange to write why I like something like this but belts are seriously fashionable, they can be worn around the waist to give you some shape and act like an accessory or you can just wear them on your trousers/jeans as you would normally.

Would I buy this New Look 3-Pack Belts set?


Hahaha I always need a belt to hold up my trousers and somehow I keep losing my lovely belts...don't ask me how!

I also LOVE that there are different colours too!  :)

How much is this New Look 3-Pack Belts set?

Can you believe that they're ONLY £4.99 I'm really impressed! :)

Let me know what you think of these belts?

Do you like them? Would you wear them?

Let me know!

Layla xx


  1. Sally says

    They look really good quality and for the pricing as you’ve said you really can’t go wrong. I’ll be checking these next time I’m in store!

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