Marianna G Summer Collection


MariannaG Cape Verde Bikini

MariannaG Hawaii One Piece

MariannaG Mykonos One Piece

MariannaG Nicobar Dress

Marianna G Zante Bikini

Marianna G Zante Tie Bikini

Marianna G Hydra Bikini


Marianna G is a new fashion designer to me and many but after seeing some beautiful pictures and viewing the Summer Collection I knew that I had to write about it and share it with you as this is one designer you should be looking out for!!

As a lot of you know I was born in the UK but my family is Greek and after seeing that Mariana G's collections are based on 'the stylish cosmopolitan city of London and the mountainous drama of Greece and it’s islands floating in the glittering azure Mediterranean sea' I was even more intrigued.

Upon viewing some of the collection I was kindly sent all pictures and have picked my favourite which are all pictured above.

In the lifestyle shots you can see how beautiful the clothing is against the backdrop of sunshine and I miss the sunshine when I'm in rainy London!

Pictures from top to bottom.


- Marianna G Cape Verde Bikini - Price: £90

-Marianna G Hawaii One Piece - Price: £175

-Marianna G Mykonos One Piece - Price: £248

-Marianna G Nico Bar Dress - Price: £335

- Marianna G Zante Bikini - Price: £185

-Marianna G Zante Tie Bikini - Price: £185


-Marianna G Hydra Bikini - Price: £175

What do I think about each piece?

Marianna G Cape Verde Bikini- It's an absolutely beautiful bikini, quite simple which is a nice change, the colour is really lovely too and perfect for the summer.

Marianna G Hawaii One Piece - I'm not normally a person to be picking a one-piece however this is something I would wear, I love the cut-outs which will definitely add more shape (who doesn't love a bit of shape) the colour is a gorgeous deep red which I love plus the added accessory style tie around the neck really sets the whole thing off.

Marianna G Mykonos One Piece - Another gorgeous piece which I would definitely wear, white and gold looks incredible together and who doesn't love a bit of luxury on their swimwear....summer is all about having fun and  feeling wonderful!

Marianna G Nicobar Dress - Oh, this is just gorgeous....I love how floaty the dress looks and in the Greek heat you need floaty items but this has an air of luxury and a flirty feel to it which I'm in love with.
I can really imagine wearing this at sunset and walking along the beach with the warm sea breeze...just beautiful.

Marianna G Zante Bikini - This is another unique piece that I love, the pattern is lovely and I love the statement's simple touches like this that I have noticed running through the collection.

Marianna G Zante Tie Bikini - Similar to the bikini above...if I'm picking out of the two I'll pick this one...I love how the white sets of the gold....this looks like something a goddess would wear which is why I think I like it more haha!

Marianna G Hydra Bikini - One of the most simple bikinis along with Cape Verde, this will look exquisite with a tan as the colour is a delicate gold...almost a champagne colour, I love how it's a simple wrap around the neck too....tan anyone?

There you have my picks and why I like each one, now if someone will ask me why I like Marianna G Summer Collection it's because it reminds me of something a goddess would wear, it gives you that touch of luxury and we all love that - I love that.

You get the best of both sides, the sophistication, the chic-ness and the luxury...summer is about enjoying yourself and having fun and I think that Marianna G Summer Collection has really captured that within the's not something you'll feel uncomfortable wearing, it's something which will give you the confidence and feel incredible with!

Where can I buy Marianna G??

You can visits Marianna G's website -Marianna G

You can also purchase from Avenue32

Please let me know what you think of the collection and the pieces pictured!

Do you love the items as much as me??

Let me know!

Layla xx


    • sprinkles says

      Thank you Hayley, they are really beautiful pieces and I’m so happy I’ve written about the collection! :) xx

    • sprinkles says

      Hi Suzanne, The Hawaii one piece is really beautiful yes! :) I’m not one for picking one pieces but I’d definitely wear it haha xx

    • sprinkles says

      What a cool name you have! :) I LOVE the Nicobar dress…yes it may be a tiny bit see through however I would wear it over a bikini and during the day/evening in the warm walking along the beach – perfect xx

  1. Jessy says

    I like every piece you’ve pictured. I have never heard of Marianna G but i’d like to see more! Do you know if they have winter collections too?

    • sprinkles says

      Hello Jessy, ah thank you! I really like the pieces too! I will get in touch and see if they have other collections coming and I will keep you all up to date! :) xxx

    • sprinkles says

      Hello Stella! Ah, I love the Zante bikini too but which do you prefer?? The Zante or The Zante tie bikini??? :) xx

  2. Elena says

    its so nice to see a blogger who’s proud of her family being greek and writing about greek designers instead of the big names well done :)

    • sprinkles says

      Oh that’s so sweet of you to say! It’s reasons like this why I LOVE blogging! :)
      I am extremely proud to say my family is greek and I’m all up for supporting greek designers, especially with pieces like these!

      I LOVE Marianna G and will definitely be featuring more pieces! :)

      Layla xxx

  3. Sammy says

    I didn’t know about Mariannag before reading this but the bikinis are pretty i like the top one and the red one and the zante tie bikini :)

    • sprinkles says

      Hahaha, I like them all!! They’re beautiful and I’m so happy I am able to share such a designer with you! :) xx

  4. Miranda says

    All of the pieces are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this post…I’d never heard of Marianna G before so I’m real excited to see more!

    • sprinkles says

      Hello Miranda! Ah, I know the pieces are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I’m so happy to be able to share new designers brands so it’s a pleasure to see and share things like this! :)

      Layla xx

    • sprinkles says

      I love that piece too! It’s a gorgeous deep red…maybe a deep cherry and it’s beautiful…yes I LOVE the contrast between the sea and the pieces and really reminds me of being in Greece with family and friends by the beach…ahhhh xxx

  5. Lily says

    Stunning colours and styles, wonderful post! This is a new brand/designer to me and I’m really looking forward to seeing more on here!
    Lily x

    • sprinkles says

      Thank you Lily! I’m glad you like the post…yes Marianna G was new to me too but I am SO excited to see what other items and collections come along as I will be writing about it all! :)

      Layla xx

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