Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare)

Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare)

The Urban Retreat Cafe is situated in one of the most famous buildings in the world - Harrods.

Hidden away on the fifth floor, it's the perfect location to enjoy your lunch or afternoon tea with friends after a morning of relaxation and pampering in the adjoining salon and spa area.

Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare)

Upon arriving at Harrods, I managed to make my way through the beauty department/hall without any distractions!

Making my way up to the fifth floor where the Urban Retreat Cafe is located - right from the outset, it's all luxury, high-end and stunning!


Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare)

Hey everyone!

I hope you're all well and having a wonderful week so far!

A lot of you might have seen a little sneak preview on my Instagram page but for those of you who don't know - I was kindly invited to the Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa in London with Murad Skincare.

Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare) 

Walking down one of the prettiest hallways, I was greeted by the Urban Retreat Cafe - it's a bloggers dream with marble tables and mirrors everywhere!

Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare)

As you can see - it really is a bloggers dream!

The tables are all marble and even the plates and presentation is gorgeous!

To really get into the pampering spirit with Murad Skincare, I enjoyed a glass of Champagne and then had some sweet treats and tea - keeping it healthy! 🙂

Once I had finished with everything, I was then taken through to the Urban Retreat Spa for my Murad Skincare Face Treatment.

Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare)

Ah, so now we move onto the best part!

The Murad Method™ Facials

These treatments provided are a new and entirely personalised concept in high-performance professional skincare.

The facial treatments have all been inspired by Dr. Howard Murad's inclusive health philosophy - with an innovative approach to help you look and feel better through high-performance skincare.

Prior to your treatment, your therapist will sit down and have a chat with you about your skin, discussing any problems you're facing and will then analyse it to create a personalised/bespoke treatment for you and your skin type.

My therapist was really lovely, her name was Sheena and was so happy to explain everything that was going on throughout the process!

She told me about all the products she was using, their formula and what their benefit was for my skin.

I cannot begin to tell you how lovely some of the Murad Skincare products smell - there was such a variety!

A beautiful blend of ingredients and scents - some refreshing, some soothing, some floral…. just absolutely beautiful and this really added to the experience too.

Once your treatment is over, you will then receive a complimentary 'recipe' which has been put together for your skin's needs.

You can then purchase products and add them to your skincare regime.

My skin looked absolutely glowing, healthy and vibrant - I loved everything about the process and hopefully will be visiting again! 🙂

Harrods Urban Retreat Cafe and Spa London (With Murad Skincare) 

Once you leave the salon/spa area - you come to a beauty hall and this is where you can treat yourself! 🙂

Here you can see the collection of Murad Skincare Products - what their benefits are and what skin types they've been developed for.

You can also purchase products from your treatment or simply have a browse! 🙂



You all know that I love hearing from you so let me know what you think!

Have you ever had lunch at the Urban Retreat Cafe or have you had a personalised facial treatment using Murad Skincare Products?

Do you currently use Murad in your skincare regime?

Let me know! 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely day!



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