Fake Bake Drama Queen Lipgloss

Fake Bake Lipgloss

Fake Bake Drama Queen Lipgloss

Fake Bake Lipgloss Ingredients

Fake Bake Lipgloss

Fake Bake Drama Queen

Fake Bake Lipgloss Close-up

Fake Bake Drama Queen Swatch


Fake Bake were ever so kind and sent me some of their new products to feature online and I was so excited to see the products so in this post I’ll be showing you the gorgeous lipgloss from Fake Bake called Drama Queen Lipgloss – I think you should buy it for the name alone 🙂 hahaha!

The first thing I noticed especially with the bronzer (I’ll show you in another post) was how gorgeous the packaging was, it’s leopard print and I don’t think I’ve seen leopard print on beauty products until now! 🙂

Fake Bake Drama Queen Lipgloss is a lovely deep shade which I would personally wear throughout the winter months when I tend to reach for deeper colours although I think this will look gorgeous with a tan and show it off even more.

How does the lipgloss feel?

I haven’t yet used ‘Drama Queen’  properly yet but I will be doing a ‘makeup of the day’ post and will feature it but what I can say is that the applicator coats skin evenly as you can see in the swatch.

It has a very delicate scent of bubblegum which I absolutely loved, I really like beauty products smelling of something, fresh, sweet – I don’t mind along as there’s something there.

The lipgloss felt really smooth and not at all sticky – thumbs up! 🙂

Does it last?

Again I can’t give a full review on this as I haven’t used it properly during the day but from what I noticed is that it had a thick texture but it doesn’t leave you with that awful goopy, sticky feel. I think this will last really well during the day but the real test will be when I drink my Starbucks! 🙂

What would you wear this colour with?

I would team up Fake Bake Drama Queen Lipgloss with simple flicked eyeliner look as it’s quite a deep shade so the focus would be on my lips.

I’d wear this with grey, black, red – any colour goes with Drama Queen!

Where can I purchase this?

You can click FAKE BAKE and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see ‘Drama Queen‘ for £8.00 – I think that’s really cheap for Fake Bake!

I would just like to say Thank you to Fake Bake for sending me these lovely products, I cannot wait to do my ‘Makeup of the day’ post and show off these gorgeous colours!

Layla xx


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