Get Ready For Summer


Get Ready For Summer – Ah, summer is fast approaching and I still cannot believe how quickly this year seems to be going by!!

It feels like we were celebrating the New Year only last week!

I’m not complaining though! For me, summer is a brilliant time of year – people seem to be happier, days are longer, the weather is nicer (sometimes) and our outfits become so much better and so much more colourful!

Get Ready For Summer – Style

I always say that it’s better to keep things simple and this is what I follow all year round – I prefer staying comfortable in what I wear as this reflects on how I feel but in the summer I do add more colour to my outfits which is nice! 🙂

If you’re jetting off to a lovely hotel and know that you’ll be spending most of your time relaxing by the pool, I would say to keep your style minimal!

Pack your bikini or bikini’s, a few dresses and sandals – then you’re good to go!

If you’re playing tourist on holiday – take away a few lovely tops, denim shorts (summer essential) and sandals which are comfortable, yet pretty like these ones here.

Get Ready For Summer – Summer Essentials

There’s certain things which I always have with me in the summer months so here are some of my summer essentials.

  • Summer Cross-Body Handbag – This is perfect if you’re going away, make sure it’s a zip cross body bag which is a lot safer if you’re going away. (I love this pink cross-body bag, this iridescent handbag, and this sparkle tequila bag )
  • Sunglasses – Summer wouldn’t be right without sunglasses, they’re an essential for everyone as not only do they look lovely but they protect your eyes from the sun. (Obviously) See these Ray-Bans with ombre blue-pink lens and these gorgeous Rose Gold Aviator Ray-Bans 
  • Jewellery – I love jewellery in the summer months especially ankle bracelets, stacked bracelets, bangles and layered necklaces all of which look beautiful with a tan!
    ( See this silver bangle)
  • Books – Forget iPads, yes they might be easier and lighter to travel with BUT I’m old-style at heart and for me, there’s nothing better than a good book.

Get Ready For Summer – Stay Happy

Overall, you don’t want to feel stressed or unhappy in the summer months. It’s all about having fun, enjoying yourself and staying happy!

So, get ready for summer and enjoy yourself! 🙂


Image – Tumblr 

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