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Dower & Hall Twinkle Chain Ring

Dower & Hall Twinkle Chain Ring 

The sterling silver Twinkle Chain Ring features a dainty nugget set.

Wear alone for a delicate, minimalist look or stack with other Twinkle Rings for maximum style.


Hello everyone!

I hope you're all well - a lot of you will be reading this in happy spirits…. it's a long weekend and I'm guessing, there'll be a lot of relaxing going on.

Over the past few months, I've really been overwhelmed with the amount of support I'm getting through my blog.

One of the beautiful things about blogging, for me personally, is that I get to work with so many brands that I might not have come across other wise.

About Dower & Hall 

Dower & Hall is a British Jewellery brand that was established in 1990 by husband and wife, Dan Dower and Diane Hall.

Their pieces are all easy to wear and will become treasured favourites.

Passionate about the jewellery designs available, everything is unique and the team hope that you take as much pleasure from the collections as they do.

Unique, personal and beautiful.


Dower & Hall Twinkle Chain Ring - Packaging 

As you can see, the detail involved in the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

You can tell that the brand take pride in care with what they do - even the packaging is cushioned on the outside too!

With a beautiful silver design on top of the box and complimenting bows - it really is stunning to see!

This really does prove that the brand puts in that extra bit of effort to make your shopping experience with them memorable.

Inside the box, you can also see that the brand logo is featured - every detail is thought through and I love that everything is cushioned - beautiful delicate and luxurious.

Dower & Hall Twinkle Chain Ring 

As you can see, the Twinkle Chain Ring is a truly beautiful piece.

It's not a statement piece at all - it's the opposite.

It's delicate, it's pretty, it's feminine and has unique beauty to it which makes this perfect for everyone.

Whether you're someone who loves statement pieces or delicate jewellery - it's perfect as it can be worn in so many ways!

Alone for a minimal look or stacked to make a statement.

There's a variety of colours but I selected this White Sapphire stone to compliment everything no matter what I'm wearing.



Dower & Hall Twinkle Chain Ring 

As you can see, this ring is beautiful.

It's not too small or subtle and it does stand out - it does catch your eye with it's delicate beauty!

In this post, I didn't want to stack the ring - instead, I teamed it up with another delicate ring of mine to really compliment it's beauty.

Even the back of the ring is pretty!

It's Sterling Silver and looks just as beautiful as the White Sapphire side!




Here I've linked everything you need! 🙂

Dower & Hall Website 

Dower & Hall Twinkle Chain Ring 

Priced at £75 - this is a piece that will be worn time and time again. It's beautiful, it can be worn in different ways and there's a colour for everyone! 🙂


I always love hearing from you so let me know what you think about this beautiful piece from Dower & Hall! 🙂

Do you love Twinkle Chain Rings as much as me?

This will be featured again soon so make sure you check back for the latest! 🙂


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