Blogger Goodie Bags

Blogger Goodie Bags


Blogger Goodie Bags

I just wanted to take the time and let all my wonderful readers know how grateful I am for your support and comments, I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful people following and reading my blog.

One of the main things I love about my blog is being able to work with so many different brands, meet fellow bloggers and find out about new collections and launches!

Seeing as it's the party season everyone is doing a press event in one way or another and I have been to quite a few of them over the past week and above is a picture of some of the wonderful goodie bags I got given, each has some beautiful products and clothing which I cannot wait to photograph and share with you!!

To all fellow bloggers, what events have you been to???

Let me know!!

Layla xxx


    • sprinkles says

      I know…it’s a shame a lot of bloggers don’t appreciate things they get given! I do and I love sharing it with my readers!! :) xx

Thank you for your lovely comments, all are read! You can also tweet @layladbeauty with any questions! x