BarryM Dolly Mixture Nail Polish

BarryM Dolly Mixture

BarryM Dolly Mixture

BarryM Dolly Mixture


You all know that I absolutely LOVE my nail polishes, I feel like they're a part of my outfit and I can really have fun with different colours, designs, stickers etc! Sometimes though it's nice to take a break and have one polish give your nails a cute 'look' and in this post I'll be talking/writing about BarryM Dolly Mixture Nail Polish!

What's BarryM Dolly Mixture Nail Polish?

It's a wonderful clear nail polish with little multi-coloured 'confetti' in it, when applied to a colourful or plain nail colour you get a sprinkles of pastel colours on your nails.

Think of it like nail crackle without the crackle....instead of the crackle you have confetti hahahaha! :)

How do I wear BarryM Dolly Mixture Nail Polish?

I wear it over a lot of colours...I'll wear it over bright colours, dark colours, white and looks good with everything!

I picked the pastel confetti which is in clear polish but there was also a black and white confetti in clear polish, pink confetti in nude/pink polish and pastel green confetti in green polish. They all just leave a delicate sheen of colour on nails!

I'l have to take a picture post it on here as its beautiful! I've used this on 'Lychee' and 'Blueberry' from BarryM too and it's absolutely gorgeous!

When do you use BarryM Dolly Mixture Nail Polish?

I use it when I don't want to do too much to my nails but I want them to have a statement and look on days when I don't feel like doing much, I'll apply a coat over any colour and that's it!

How do you apply BarryM Dolly Mixture?

I always apply 2-3 coats of nail polish to make sure the colour is true and then once they're dry-ish I'll apply one don't need anymore as I think it looks coat looks good and it goes on evenly!

Can I buy this online?


Click DOLLY MIXTURE to go right to the product page! This is priced at just £3.99!!!

All you wonderful beauty bloggers...let me know if you've tried this and what your thoughts are!! :D

Layla xx


  1. Tanya says

    This looks so pretty. I’ve seen a lot of reviews with the black and white confetti so this is a nice change :)

    • sprinkles says

      Yes…I saw the black version in boots too but went for this as it’s a lot nicer and delicate plus it looks gorgeous with light and dark colours!! :) xx

  2. Hayley says

    I love BarryM polishes and like using different nail polishes to get different effects so this is something I’ll be getting soon x

    • sprinkles says

      I think you get lovely colours for affordable prices and if you’re like me who changes colours every other day it’s good!! :) xx

Thank you for your lovely comments, all are read! You can also tweet @layladbeauty with any questions! x