Aldo Summer Collection

Aldo Summer Collection

Aldo Summer Collection 2013

Aldo Summer Collection


We all love shoes and we all love summer so a few weeks ago when I walked past Aldo I looked at their Summer Collection and I have to say I was super-impressed with all the gorgeous, colours and designs!

Here in London we don't get that much good weather however this won't stop me from buying a few pieces as they're gorgeous, comfortable and perfect for those days with a bit of sunshine and when you're off on holiday!

I still remember my first pair of Aldo shoes a few years ago and they're still in my wardrobe looking beautiful even after a few wears, I also have a pair of high heels which are beautiful from Aldo and they have a cut-out in the heel so it's super quirky which I love!

Why do I like Aldo?

For me fashion is about expressing yourself and being comfortable at the same time and with Aldo I think it's the perfect balance between looking good and having comfortable shoes.

What do I think of the Aldo Summer Collection?

I think it's beautiful! The Aldo Summer Collection has everything going for it! From colours, to styles and textures, everything is beautiful and I will definitely be purchasing pieces as they're timeless and will stay in fashion year after year!

Do Aldo have a website?

Yes, they do! I didn't realise up until now but they have a website and I'm so happy, no more having to pop into the stores all the time...just shop Aldo Summer Collection online, plus they have a salon online now - YAY!! :)

Click ALDO to be taken directly to their website.

I want to hear from you lovely readers, what do you think of Aldo Summer Collection?

Do you love it as much as me or is it not your thing??

Let me know!!

Layla xxx


    • sprinkles says

      I love introducing people to new brands! It’s so nice to share them and see how people react and see what people think! Hahaha I know the flats are beautiful and SO easy to wear!!! :) xxx

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