Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara

Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara * I was kindly sent  the Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara a few days ago and for many people who know me, mascara is my number 1, must-have, must-use product. Even when I don’t wear anything else on my face there’ll always be a coat of mascara just because it […]


Prada Candy Florale

Prada Candy Florale I absolutely lovely perfumes as I’m sure many of you do too, there’s something fascinating about new fragrances and how a scent can take you back to a memory. The new fragrance by Prada is Prada Candy Florale and as you can see in the picture above it looks super-pretty but has […]


Beauty – GOSH Frosted Nail Lacquer

Beauty – GOSH Frosted Nail Lacquer * This is another little sneak peek for you lovely readers! I was kindly sent some products from Superdrug to celebrate their 50th birthday and seeing that these colours are just that gorgeous I thought it would be nice to do a sneak peek post! Many of you know […]


Angel Eau Sucree

Angel Eau Sucree * Angel is such a well known and loved perfume however in Summer 2014 it’s becoming more tempting and desirable than ever with the new interpretation and limited-edition version call Angel Eau Sucree. Angel Eau Sucree Some of the original notes will remain the same however we see 3 beautiful additions which […]


Fashion Outfit – The Cosy Sweater

Fashion Outfit – The Cosy Sweater Even when the sun shines it can still be quite cold and this was the case a few days ago – it was sunny and so beautiful but you could still feel a chill. What I’m Wearing Sweater – H&M I picked this gorgeous cream sweater from H&M the […]


Orly Bonder Review

Orly Bonder Review I love looking for different types of nail products and one that recently caught my eye was the Orly Bonder. What is the Orly Bonder ? The Orly Bonder is a base coat, it looks like a liquid and applies like a liquid, however when it dries it becomes a gel/rubber (you […]


Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case

Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case * As I’ve mentioned in so many posts before, I really am grateful for all the opportunities I receive through my blog and for all the wonderful brands I get to work with. I was kindly sent a lovely case for my phone by Boxwave – it’s such a cute […]


Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Makeup Revolution is a new brand to me and for many, I’ve been seeing it featured quite a lot on different social media and especially on Bloglovin which caught my eye so after looking at their website I wanted to write about them. Makeup Revolution – About Makeup Revolution is a new brand […]


Superdrug 50th Limited Edition Product Range

Superdrug 50th Limited Edition Product Range Following up from my ‘Superdrug Turns 50‘ post I thought I’d share some of the products you can currently find at Superdrug in limited edition packaging, pricing and of course some limited edition colours. I’m so excited to be featuring these products and I’ve actually received some questions about […]

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